Cougar For Life

This woman right here is a Cougar for life. She just likes it too much you can tell. The funny thing though is she is 55 and the youngest guy she has ever fucked is 36, you would think she would have done better by now. I mean she looks great for her age you have to admit it. She says the way she looks so good is having great sex and a good diet of course too. She has some kind of ethnicity to her I can’t quite put my finger on but it gives her gorgeous caramel colored skin and I bet it gives her this big fat ass as well. This is a woman who has had lots of experience having sex and she likes just about everything. She talks about one of her favorite sexual moments when a guy was in her ass and another guy was in her pussy. A freak like this needs to come back on Mom POV and do a DP, I don’t even think they have ever done that before though!

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