Cowgirl Keeps Her Boot On

This cowgirl loves to knock boot I mean seriously! If the Mom POV guy put on some cowboy boots they would literally be doing that because this MILF will just not take them off. Nick had the wonderful task of fucking this thick MILF who has a nice big fat ass and his first attempt at the shaven pussy didn’t last to long. He put her on her back and was pounding away and had that uh oh moment where he knew he was going to be coming. So he told her just to hold on because he is letting it go and man did he drop a cum bomb in that pussy of hers! Don’t worry though Nick rallies and fuck her for another hour after she showers the cum out of her pussy. He even gets this MILF to try out anal for the first time. Being that it was her first time I excepted it to go poorly but there is just something about MILFs because they love anal sex and they always do it so well.

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